Training Topics Seminars

No matter what type of training we do or how experienced we are, we can always improve our knowledge and abilities as trainers. Our Training Topics Seminars are creative and dynamic – full of new and exciting ideas, insights and techniques!

Mix and match topics during 1 or 2 day customized sessions:

Comparative training methodology – pros & cons

  • Each method has its strengths and weaknesses – learn what they are
  • Become a better trainer by understanding how and why methods work

Scientific advances in understanding dog cognition

  • Rapid strides are being made in the study of canine cognition
  • Learn how to apply the benefits of new scientific knowledge

Maximizing motivation

  • A motivated dog is easy to train
  • Learn how to “super motivate” your dog in a variety of ways

Optimizing your reinforcers

  • The easiest dog to train is motivated by a variety of reinforcers
  • Learn how to optimize the value of all types of rewards besides food

Preventing and fixing phobias

  • Most seminars on fear are strong on descriptions and weak on solutions
  • Learn how to better use counter-conditioning to prevent and fix fears

Becoming a more creative trainer

  • Training is support to be a dynamic, changing field
  • Learn how to be more creative and get better results

New innovations in dog training

  • Science has brought us new ideas and technologies that can help us train
  • Learn how to incorporate a variety of new innovations into your training

Understanding & applying canine scientific research

  • What scientific studies are most useful to dog trainers?
  • Learn how to find, interpret, and apply research findings to your training

Creative puppy training – going beyond the lure

  • Training a puppy should be much more than lure/reward
  • Learn how to give a puppy strength and resiliency for the future

Reliable retrieving

  • Want a retriever who loves to retrieve and retrieves anything?
  • Learn how to develop an amazing retriever

Evaluating temperament and trainability

  • Analyze canine temperament and trainability using and comparing the latest and most effective tests available
  • Learn how to develop and apply your own test battery to better evaluate and select pet dogs, working dogs or Assistance Dogs
Learning from a “master trainer” with years of experience in a wide variety of training areas gives you new insights guaranteed to improve your approach to training.

**Please inquire to receive a comprehensive summary of Training Topics Seminars content, available dates and rates. Specialized workshops are available on request.

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