Sherlock - Alan and Sandy Carey Photo-1Field Dog Training

We provide professional field training for both upland and waterfowl dogs. Whether your goal is a first-rate hunting companion, a Master Hunter or a Field Trial Champion, we can help prepare you and your dog to do the job. Retrieving, steadiness, quartering pointing and water work instruction are all available. We can fix problems like inconsistent retrieves, hard-mouth, breaking, gun-shyness or lack of control. Our 30+ years of experience, training hundreds of field dogs, can make the difference for you and your dog.

How do we start?

We recommend an initial private lesson out at Firewind Training Kennels. This way we can meet you and your dog, evaluate your dog’s potential, and discuss your goals. After this initial session you can determine whether to continue with private sessions or enroll your dog in our 10-week boarding and training field dog program.

What do private field lessons cost?

Private lessons are $100 for an hour lesson. We recommend having at least one lesson each week.

Can we customize my dog’s training?

Each field dog is trained to meet your individual needs. We accept dogs at all ages and training levels – from started to finished dogs. We design a customized plan for each dog to facilitate their progress. So, whether you want a combination pheasant/waterfowl dog or a specialist, we can make it happen.

Western Montana

We are training dogs in Missoula and the surrounding areas of Western Montana.