20150510_192509Board & Train

Going on vacation? Don’t know how to train your dog? Too busy to devote enough time to your dog’s training? Let us do it for you!

Daily Boarding – In Our Beautiful Country Setting

Includes daily attention and exercise for in a beautiful country setting for $24/day.

Boarding and Training Advantages

Your dog will receive personalized instruction from an experienced professional trainer. This means he progresses smoothly and quickly and develops the right attitude toward obedience.

How do we sign up?

We recommend starting with 1 or 2 private, in-home lessons so you understand how your dog will be trained. Then board your dog with us to finish the training.

How do I learn to properly handle my dog?

Once your dog’s boarding and training is complete, we will instruct you in proper handling techniques to be sure the training transfers properly to you and your family.

How long is boarding and training?

Boarding and Training has two basic options:

  • a 5 week comprehensive course teaching all the basic obedience commands
  • week-long boarding and training program plus private lessons
What commands will my dog learn?

Your dog will learn to respond quickly and willingly to basic obedience commands like “Heel,” “Sit,” “Stay, “Lie Down” and “Come.” He’ll also learn not to pull on leash, jump up on people, or dash out of doors.

How much does boarding and training cost?
  • Weekly Boarding and Training Rate : $355 per week

Western Montana

We are training dogs in Missoula and the surrounding areas of Western Montana.