Become a Professional Dog Trainer – Internships

Are you looking for a Professional Dog Training Internship? For those wishing to become professional dog trainers, we provide both small group and one-on-one internships that focus on instructing dogs and people. Becoming a top-notch trainer requires the right knowledge and skills. During our Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer courses you will learn about:

  • animal behavior
  • dog behavior and social interactions
  • dog care
  • history of dog training
  • psychological and ethological dog research studies
  • humane-canine communication
  • learning theory
  • comparative dog training methods and techniques
  • specialized dog training applications
  • dog sports and recreational opportunities
  • becoming a great teacher
  • classroom and field instruction techniques
  • instructing individuals and groups
  • overview of dog training jobs including scent detection, police and service dogs
Our Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer course includes classroom, field work and practical experience. To become a skilled trainer requires hands-on experience. Individualized instruction from a long-time expert in the field can help jumpstart your dog training career. It pays to learn from the best!

Advanced courses are also available for more experienced trainers planning to improve their training skills or start their own training business. Please inquire for details and scheduling.

Western Montana

We are training dogs in Missoula and the surrounding areas of Western Montana.